Boat Maintenance

Boat Maintenance Grid

At Port Penrhyn we have a unique facility for both Commercial and Leisure crafts who can avoid costly haul out charges for some underwater work by using our drying out grid.

The restrictions on the Grid are for vessels up to 100 ft loa and a draft of 10ft.

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Recently a popular facility for many of the Wind Farm Boats working off the North Wales coast. This is truly a cost effective solution for some of your annual boat maintenance.

GRID PRICING  for Commercial Craft:

31′ to 40′ £39.00 per day
41′ to 50′ £45.00 per day
51′ to 75′ £65.00 per day
76′ to 100′ £100.00 per day


Please note use of the grid is by prior arrangement

Contact Ben or Neil on 01248 363400 - 07554 886092 


Welcome to our New Volvo Penta Online shop

We are now open 24/7 for all your Volvo Parts from our new online shop, just order online and we will send direct to your home address

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It’s never been easier !






We deliver leading technology that’s premium in innovation and performance,
designed to bring yachting into a new era. Our 21st century propulsion solutions
provide you with the power to design yachts that are more spacious, fuel efficient,
and quiet – compared to what’s been possible before. They also make your yacht
do what others can’t – and it’s doing it with ease. Through partnership with you,
we provide customized solutions that are designed, manufactured and serviced by
one company. This ensures that first class support is always at hand.



The new Volvo Penta D8 combines high performance and low fuel consumption with superior manoeuvring. A high power-to-weight ratio makes the D8 engine ideal for planing craft that require fast acceleration and high speed.

Launched in two power outputs D8-IPS700 or D8-IPS800 and perfectly matched to a new pod, it’s designed to work as a totally integrated system – from helm to prop.


The New Suzuki DF350A – 350hp

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Suzuki are proud to introduce their new ultimate flagship model, the DF350A. At 350 horsepower, this V6 4-stroke is the largest, most powerful outboard Suzuki has built to date. It has been in development for more than three years, and represents a significant milestone in both engineering and design.

The DF350A is the latest addition to the Suzuki Marine range, bringing even more innovation and technology, and market leading features to deliver a phenomenal outboard with quicker acceleration, better top speed performance and better fuel economy than competitor engines. Here are some of the headline benefits and features:

Suzuki Dual Prop System: This unique Suzuki dual prop system efficiently turns 350 PS output into propulsion under water. As an added benefit, with each propeller rotating in opposite directions, exceptional stability is achieved. This unique feature is the only dual prop outboard available on the market, providing yet another reason to choose Suzuki.

More power: The DF350A is equipped with a dual louver at the air intake that removes water from the air sucked into the cowl. Incorporating a direct intake system, the Suzuki Dual Louver System contributes to higher engine output

Compact size: We achieved up to 350PS with V6 engine, which is popular with our DF300AP, and designed it to be no wider than DF300AP at only 562mm,which is up to 72mm smaller than the competition.

2.29 Gear Ratio: This outboard also incorporates 2-Stage Gear Reduction designed to achieve a large reduction gear ratio. It delivers powerful torque for quick acceleration and top-end speed of up to 97.1km/h (1.4km/h more than the closest competitor)

Better combustion: The Dual injector delivers just the right amount of fuel at just the right time into the cylinder. This dual injector contributes to higher output and better fuel efficiency.

High compression ratio: 12.0:1 (Maximum compression ratio of SUZUKI outboards) The high compression ratio generates impressive performance and power output from the engine’s 4,390cm3 displacement.

Call Now for more information : 01248 363400 – 07771 692412

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