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Suzuki 4 Stroke Outboard Prices Feb 17 see below

Why Choose a Suzuki Main Dealer?

Only Main dealers are authorised by Suzuki GB to fit and service all engines in the Suzuki outboard range while maintaining your access to the Suzuki GB 5 year warranty package.

 Suzuki has the most extensive and award winning range of outboards from 2.5hp to 300hp complete with advanced technology and many world firsts across the range  The Suzuki commitment to 4 stroke design to reduce weight, increase performance and to drive down emmisions makes the Suzuki range of 4 stroke engines the obvious choice from leisure boating to commercial use.

Here are just a few of the reasons to buy Suzuki, if this sounds good then check out the full range below.

Datatag Security

At Suzuki we like to provide extra value for free. In keeping with this all new outboard engines from the DF25A up to the DF300AP are fitted with Datatag Security. Even if the engine is modified or painted the Police and your insurer will be able to identify the engine as yours via this system. 

Lean Burn Technology

Go further for less with Lean Burn fuel technology. Suzuki engineers have designed this fuel saving system to ensure that you literally get more for your money. This environmentally friendly technology is designed to benefit you during low speed operation and cruising speeds saving you money by giving more miles per tank . Available on all models from DF15A to DF300AP.

Battery-less Fuel Injection

Suzuki Battery-less Fuel Injection allows your pull start engine to enjoy quick starts, smoother and cleaner operation, increased fuel efficiency and the greater acceleration of fuel injection. This fantastic technology helps reduce the overall weight and bulk of your engine. Available in DF15A & DF20A to DF25A & DF30A

Self-Adjusting Timing Chains

All engine owners worry about the timing belts so Suzuki have removed this concern on the majority of their engines by swapping belts for chains. Not satisfied with that we have also made them self-adjusting. Applicable on all models from DF40A to DF300AP

Suzuki 4 Stroke Outboard Prices Feb 17

  • Suzuki DF2.5    –   £645 inc vat 
  • Suzuki DF4       –   £949 inc vat    
  • Suzuki DF5       –   £1,055 inc vat  
  • Suzuki DF6       –   £1,149 inc vat  
  • Suzuki DF8A     –   £1,879 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF9.9A  –   £2,095 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF15A   –   £2,359 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF20A   –   £2,799 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF25A   –   £3,349 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF30A   –   £4,899 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF40ATL  –   £5,600 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF50A   –   £6,600 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF60A   –   £7,495 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF70A   –   £8,245 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF90A   –   £9,065 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF100A  –   £9,595 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF115A  –   £10,455 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF140A  –   £12,799 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF150APL  –   £13,899 inc vat NEW
  • Suzuki DF175APL  –   £15,499 inc vat NEW
  • Suzuki DF200A  –   £16,659 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF200AP  – £17,175 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF225     –   £18,750 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF250A  –   £21500 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF250AP  –   £20,995 inc vat
  • Suzuki DF300APx  –   £22,999 inc vat

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