Commercial Berthing/Cargo

Commercial Cargo Ships

Commercial Berthing / Cargo

Port Penrhyn is the home base for a number of commercial vessels involved in fishing and the mussel industry. We are also only 10 miles from one of the world’s biggest slate mines and export large quantities of slate products throughout Europe on a regular basis.

Principal Cargoes:
Sand, general cargo, slate (tiles, powder and granules), aggregates, rock armour, project cargoes (heavy lifts) including power station transformers up to 300 tonnes, windmill tower sections, salt, scrap metal, wood.

Commercial Berthing:
Our commercial berth can accommodate vessels up to 100m loa, 18m beam and 5.3m draft. We are a NAABSA Port and accommodate 3000 tonne coatsters on a regular basis. We have over 250 m of queyside with ample options for short/ medium term cargo storage.

Annual Commercial Berthing:
We do have limited options for “annual berthing agreements”  for smaller commercial vessels under licence. These can be negotiated with quayside storage options as well. Call for more information.

We are happy to provide quotes on all types of cargoes for either import or export through the Port.

Contact Neil or Ian on 01248 363400 – 07554 886092 – 07771 692412

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