Copper Coat


As regional main agents for Copper Coat we can offer you fantastic package deals for boat collection, lifts and copper coating for an unbeatable price.


Copper Coat is now protecting over 70,000 vessels Worldwide and is the only anti-foul proven to resist marine growth for ten years and more.

When compared to the cost and hassle of having to lift and re-paint such a boat with conventional anti-foul every season for the next ten years or more (a figure of several thousand Pounds) a once-only treatment of Copper Coat provides unbeatable value for money.

An independent review by Practical Boat Owner concluded ” I personally wouldn’t use any other anti-fouling, The savings over the minimum 10 year period of its life expectancy will be quite considerable.”

The Benefits of Coppercoat
Unbeatable Longevity

Unlike regular coatings, hardwearing Coppercoat remains effective for many seasons. A single treatment of Coppercoat is proven to remain effective for at least ten years. Many treatments are performing well after 20 seasons and more!

Cost Effective Treatment

By not having to lift and repaint every year the average boat owner saves thousands over the lifetime of the treatment.


Dickie’s enhanced Coppercoat Application

Our policy, to maximise the effectiveness of the copper applications is to carry out the application under controlled environment in our main shed so we can monitor template and humidity giving the BEST RESULTS. Note we apply an initial coat of resin/hardener as a tie coat prior to the copper coat application and also blast the keels, apply epoxy treatment , fill and faire then copper coat along with the hull. THIS ADDIOTIONAL SERVICE IS UNIQUE TO DICKIES


Extra Efficiency

The combination of high copper content and a unique blend of biocides ensures ultra low growth rates and a clean hull. Motorboat owners report increased speed at lower revs, meaning a lower rate of fuel consumption and less engine wear. Professional racers can burnish the surface for a full racing finish.


GRP Osmosis Protection

Coppercoat is based upon an inherently waterproof epoxy resin. As such, the application of Coppercoat helps to protect GRP vessels against osmotic attack.

Low Maintenance

No more expensive and unpleasant annual stripping and repainting of hulls. Simply hose down the hull at regular intervals (commonly once a year), to remove any build up of slime.


Environmentally Responsible

Being epoxy based Coppercoat is classified as non-eroding and causes less harm to the environment than conventional anti-foul paints. The complete treatment has been tested and approved by the Health and Safety Executive, in compliance with UK and EU law. Holding HSE Certificate Number 7532 our anti-fouling is fully approved for use by both professional tradesmen and the general public. Furthermore, Coppercoat fully complies with current (2001) International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Resolution MEPC.102(48).


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